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About Us

Welcome to Palakollu Junnu, we are the leading Junnu providers in twin cities, Hyderabad and Secunderabad. Palakollu Junnu was established in the year of 2014, located at Krishnakanth Park, Yousufguda, and Hyderabad-500045.

What is junnu?

Junnu is a sweet made out of colostrum (lactating) milk of cow or buffalo. It has a very exceptional and delightful flavor and is traditionally made from lactating milk. It is very nutritious and wholesome as the milk is fully loaded with antibodies and immune factors.
Colostrum’ is pre-milk liquid that is produced by female mammals just after delivery to boost up newborn’s immune system. This unique super-food was designed by nature to help the newborn grow physically powerful and in the yellow. Using this milk in medicines dates back thousands of years back when most of the Ayurveda physicians have used it for both therapeutic and sacred purposes.

Rama Krishna Director